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Maimonides and The Regimen of Health

Teacher: Richard Propp
Wednesday mornings, Sept. 30 – Oct. 21, 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. (4 classes)
$30; $20 discounted fee for BSRC members
Maimonides, who lived and wrote primarily in Morocco and Egypt in the 12th
Century, is revered not only as a Torah scholar and philosopher, but also as a
physician, serving as personal physician to the grand vizier, the sultan, and the
royal family.  This course will introduce Maimonides and the medieval world in
which he lived before focusing on some of his views of health and disease.  
Topics will include exercise, nutrition, healing, constipation, contemplation, and
sex, among others.
Richard Propp, MD, has studied and given talks on Maimonides since 1985.  Following a
research fellowship in hematology at Harvard Medical School, he joined the Albany
Medical College faculty in 1968, and undertook research, teaching, and patient care until
1975.  He then practiced and taught internal medicine and hematology until 1995, when
he began work on patient safety at the NYS Health Department.  Since retiring in 2005,
he has worked as volunteer chair of the Capital District Alliance for Universal Healthcare.
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