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The Mi Shebeirach is a traditional Jewish prayer for those who are facing the challenge of illness. At our Shabbat services, and most holiday services, we offer up this prayer for healing – of mind, body, or spirit – for those in our community who are ill. Members may submit names of loved ones who are facing the challenge of illness, that we may support them, and you, by inclusion in our communal Mi Shebeirach prayers.

The following are the ways to be included on the B’nai Sholom Mi Shebeirach list. Please let us know if you’re comfortable having the name read aloud, or if you prefer we think of you/your loved one silently; please also obtain permission from the person who is ill first, if it’s someone other than yourself.

  • Contact the office
  • Contact the Rabbi
  • Fill out one of the Mi Shebeirach forms in the lobby and hand it to the Greeter before services begin
  • Share the name(s) aloud or in the Zoom chat when prompted during services

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