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Jews, Dodgers and Brooklyn: Before the Diaspora

June 23, 2024    
10:00 am - 10:30 am

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On June 23 we host Professor Willian Simons for a presentation that will examine the special
relationship existing between Brooklyn’s large Jewish community and baseball’s Dodgers before
they departed to Los Angeles. It is a story about an extraordinary time and place in American
Jewish history and one leavened with humor and verve. The Dodgers drilled deep into the
borough’s social fabric creating a unique bond with its Jewish residents and a shared sensibility
between them. These bonds only got stronger when Jackie Robinson broke the color line in
1947. Simons will explore this unique connection in what should be a fascinating discussion.
William Simons is professor emeritus at SUNY Oneonta and former chair of its history
department. He is also co-director of the Cooperstown Symposium on Baseball and American
Culture, an annual academic conference sponsored by the Hall of Fame and SUNY Oneonta.
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