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July Bulletin Ref2

Thinking About Food

Have you planted a vegetable garden?  Are you still planning to do so?  Please consider some “refrigerator-stable” bounty that we can include when filling three FREE FOOD FRIDGE refrigerators.  You know, cucumbers, zucchini, peas, green beans…you get the idea.

Thanks to the generosity of you, our congregants, thus far, our goal for an every-other- month “shop and fill” has been achieved.  BUT, we have just enough gift cards to do our June shop and fill, and of course we would love for you to continue with these generous donations.

Another thought: you know those “BOGOs” that our local markets put out there and you say, “I can’t possibly use such an amount of…refrigerator-stable fresh fruits and vegetables”?  If mid-August sees these deals coming your way, an extra bag of oranges, apples, lemons, limes (you get the idea) would benefit those whose food budgets have little room for fresh produce.

Any questions?  Please reach out to Becky Marvin or Valerie Tabak.  We would love to unburden you of your offerings.

Please do not drop these items off at the synagogue.

Happy Gardening!

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